Field Trip to Dallas Zoo

March 25th, 2015 was the students’ long-awaited day. Buddha’s Light Private School arranges field trips every month for the children to experience nature.  A trip to the Dallas Zoo was arranged as an outdoor session for the 4-year-old children.  They came to school early that morning and everyone was excited.  With laughter and much anticipation, they were led by four teachers and nine caring parents.  The journey started at 8:10 a.m.
The weather was nice when they arrived at the Zoo, and the children were all in high spirits.  The teachers took them to see various animals and introduced habits and characteristics of those animals.

In particular, the children saw little penguins walking along the water where they seemed to be enjoying the early morning that brought them happiness.  And two lions appeared to be chatting about the sweet dreams they had last night.  Children were having the best time when they came to the giraffe area; all of them were leaning on the fence, observing at close range the two furry “horns” on the giraffe’s head.  A giraffe raised up its head, as if it was beckoning us; the children screamed with excitement, then they cheered with other kids nearby.  There seemed to be a natural friendship between the little kids and the animals!

Winding through the wooded trail, the children saw their familiar animals: tigers, elephants, monkeys, gorillas, zebras, koalas and so on.  While studying the animals up close, the children also gained understanding of the obvious characteristics of the animals.

The most exciting moment was seeing an animal show.  Under the command of their trainer, clever little birds were able to pick money from the hands of visitors and put them in their owner’s pocket.  Then the birds brought prizes onto the hands of tourists.  The birds also completed other performances that enlightened these children.

At the final stop, the children were very happy riding their favorite animals on the carousel.  The carousel moved them up and down, going at different pace with beautiful music playing in the background.

The happy trip to the zoo soon came to an end.  The children seemed reluctant to leave; they kept talking about the wonderful experience:  “elephant’s nose was amazing and extremely long …, ostrich eggs were so big …and why the koalas were always sleeping …”

This event allowed the children to feel the magic of the animals and enjoy the endless charm of nature; the trip also helped expand the children’s knowledge and broaden their horizons.

The Buddha’s Light Private School is currently enrolling children from 18 months to 5th grade.  We welcome visitors to our school.

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