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When I began my search for my child’s first educational experience, I knew I wanted three things: a safe environment for my toddler to interact with others, a positive learning experience; and nurturing teachers who could provide a stimulating curriculum. My husband and I previously researched and toured other educational programs such as Waldorf, Bank Street, and of course- Montessori. My child was even enrolled in one of these pricey programs for over six months, however, he simply hated going to school in the morning. I now have both of my children enrolled at Buddah’s Light Private School – a three year old and a two year old (although they take children as young as 18 months). Both of my children cannot wait to go to school each day and both of them have thrived here. Here are some of the highlights of Buddah’s Light Private School: 1. The best teachers and administrative staff – these people are wonderful. All of the teachers are top notch and really care about your child. Everything is taught with gentleness and love. The bilingual curriculum is extremely well thought out and both of my children have really grown in all aspects of their development, especially language. My sons’ manners, listening skills, and ability to follow directions have really improved after coming to Buddah’s Light, as well as their ability to play and interact with others. 2. Wonderful facilities and great curriculum- Each classroom is full of enriching toys, books, puzzles, and games. The teachers are extremely interactive with the children and lead them in a lot of singing, dancing and music each day. Arts and crafts are abundant, and my children would come home each day being able to describe their project and what they learned. Buddah’s Light also has a nice covered playground so the children get a lot of fresh air and outdoor playtime each day. They even help you with potty training using a lot of positive reinforcement. My toddler was out of diapers in a mere two weeks with their guidance. 3. Wonderful activities- Can you say fun? Beyond the old holiday parties that every school has, Buddah’s Light has some awesome activities planned for the children. Just some examples include farm animals and fire trucks coming to school, water splash days with a gigantic bounce house, and an end-of-the-school-year party complete with a running train that will blow their minds. 4. Healthy meals – Nutrition is important to growing bodies, and well-balanced meals are a must. At Buddah’s Light Private School, they make the lunches right there in their facility, and the meals are prepared daily. Each meal includes vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates. The food is fresh, balanced, and preservative free. What more could I ask for? Buddah’s Light Private School is a wonderful program that really cares about the children. My children have grown and prospered at Buddah’s Light Private School beyond my highest expectations and I cannot thank them enough. (10.15.2014)


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