2015 Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a very important festival in the Western culture. “Egg hunting” game for children is the tradition on this day; eggs are hidden in different locations for the children to find. Eggs of different colors represent different meanings, e.g., yellow represents enlightenment and wisdom; white represents purity; green represents the young and innocent; and orange represents strength and perseverance.

BLPS incorporated this theme in this week’s teaching and arranged a series of activities, such as buying eggs, painting eggs, dyeing eggs, hiding eggs, finding and eating eggs, etc.

On April 2nd at 10:00 a.m., 4-year-old class students in school uniform took the school bus to a nearby park for their “egg-hunting” activities. The teachers showed them how to hide the eggs, and they later searched and found the eggs themselves. They were having so much fun. Children from the two and four years-old classes stayed behind and did their “egg hunting” in school. Teachers of each class took the students to the playground to find those colorful eggs.

Easter eggs were hidden in the lawn of the school playground, flower garden, courtyard and flower pots. Then, different classes launched a series of egg-hunting activities. Under the teacher’s command, children of all ages were busy running around with their baskets. Younger children were a little puzzled; some of them stood there in confusion, and some of them were clapping in excitement. “Wow, there are so many eggs, which is the right one to pick?” Some were busy circling the hunting ground, wondering where the eggs were…”in front of me or somewhere else? Alas! It might be better for the teacher to find them for me…” The event ended in a pleasant atmosphere. Let’s hope the school would arrange more interesting activities like these in the future.

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