2015 English Program

In this vibrant season of spring, the Buddha’s Light Private School (BLPS) held its annual English Achievements Performance show. Title of the show is “Little Insects in the Forest”.

The show started at 5:00 pm on May 14th, 2015. Children of the entire chorus dressed up as insects to perform. There were cute little bees, diligent workers, beautiful butterflies, etc. Watching their children looking so sweet and innocent, parents were very happy; they clapped along the rhythm as the chorus performed. The show continued with the performance “Hornet” presented by the class of two-years-old children. They carefully followed the teacher’s direction, and occasionally a few of them playing naughty children rolling on the floor; everyone was amused and laughed out loud. Then there was the one-year-old children’s performance; they dressed up as the sun and vibrant green trees, singing English songs. Finally, the soon-to-be graduating class of four-year-old children performed their first act. It was a joy to see beautiful little girls dressed up as butterflies; they were like a group of lovely butterfly fairies dancing and singing to you in the garden. The boys acting as brave and industrious little ants performed the second act; they were very energetic, singing loud and clear while marching around the stage in uniformed steps like little soldiers.

The “Little Insects” show ended pleasantly with the final performance by all the teachers and students of the chorus. Teachers thanked the parents who came to the show, and the parents expressed their gratitude for the teachers’ hard work. Caliber of the BLPS’s Bilingual Education teachers was once again proven to be top notch. Let’s look forward to another brilliant performance next time, and we welcome everyone to join us!

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