2015 graduation

Peoplehave mixed feelings abouttheword “Graduation”. Growth, gratitude,love, memories, blessings andhopeall come together when they think of graduation, and these thoughts often lingers with everyone involved in the process. On May 28, we celebrated a BLPS 2015 graduation, which wasthese children’s first commencementof their lives. It wasalso aspecial dayforthe children, teachers, parents, as well as the school principal.

On this specialday,our school Director, Ms. Maiden, gave aspeech. Shethanked the school principal, Venerable Chueh Chan, for her hardwork, Ms. HodgesandMs. Li’sfor their selfless dedication,as well as theparentsfor their help and support.She alsosent her best wishes to the graduatingchildrenwiththe mostardentexpectations.
Big brothers and sisters from the graduating class presented a wonderful performance for the graduation. Ms. Hodges, the English teacher,kicked off the performance by leading them in singing cheerful and upbeat English songs, and the children enjoyed showing off their talent by singing and dancing on stage. This beautiful performance won the parents’ vigorous applause. Seeing the children’s adorable faces, the parents revealed their love and happiness through their satisfying smile. The children continued to perform by singing twoChinese songs: “Thank you teachers, we love you” and “Beautiful Dreams”, which expressed their deep affection for the teachers. These children knew that every step of their growing up was tied to the love and care of the people around them, and they should be grateful. These sweet memories of the past will always remain in their hearts. The children bid farewell to their kindergarten teachers and their classmates by singing the last song, “Goodbye, our kindergarten”,with their young and tender voice.
The exciting moment finally arrived. Ms. Hodges and Ms. Li handed out diplomas to the children. The children marched onto the stage one by one, introduced themselves to the crowd before accepting their very first diploma from the teachers. Their eyes sparkled with hope and confidence, and they shook hands with the teachers, hugging and taking pictures with them.
Finally, the children offered fresh-cut flowers to their beloved teachers with passionate music playing in the background.
This memorable eventwill remain with the children for years to come, and will remind them of an impeccable kindergartenexperience which will be remembered and cherished forever.

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