2015 Spring End of Year Party

In the vibrant season of Spring, the Buddha’s Light Private School (BLPS) once again greeting the graduation season. In order to celebrate the graduation for a class of 19 students, the BLPS arranged a series of celebrations.
On May 21 at 9:00 am, Parents brought their children to the school. Indoor games were held the entire morning, the students had a wide variety of games for entertainment. First, teachers and students played the “pushing car” game in the school cafeteria; a younger child sitting in a box, pushed by an older child from another class. Teams competed against one another. Teachers were there to cheer, and sometimes assisted in pushing the box. Each class took turns to play the games. The two-year-old class children played “holding the balloons high.” We saw the children follow the teachers lifting up one foot, holding colorful balloons to pass through a hula hoop. Occasionally, some children accidentally slid down and sat on a balloon, causing it to blow up in a big “bang”. Teachers were actually shocked, but the children giggled and giggled. The three-year-old class children played the “little Bowling” game. Each child had three chances to tear down ten bowling pins, the children were trying hard with creative strategies to knock down the bowling pins. Finally, children from the graduating class played the “little experts transporting” game where they needed to “transport” five pairs of tennis balls into a box with their bodies. They moved tennis balls with their bodies slowly across the room and dropped them in the box. Indoor games for the morning came to an end, but the children felt they still had energy to play on. Teachers patiently explained that there were other outdoor games for them to play in the afternoon, i.e., small train, donkey rides, trampoline activities, etc. At 2:00 pm, the children couldn’t wait to get outside, because they saw the train and three cute little donkeys out there; the trampoline appeared to be ready as well. The children had a great time with the outdoor activities. They played hide and seek in the trampoline and got excited in riding the small donkeys, and didn’t stop waving at us when riding the small train. Teachers and children had a great time playing together the entire day.
A beautiful day in the midst of laughter came to an end, we believe that BLPS left each child with fond memories, and built eternal friendship with their parents. Graduating kids, we hope you would come back to visit the school often. BLPS will always be your “home”!

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