Main Shrine

IBPS Dallas main shrine consists of seven golden seated Tathagata Buddha. In Sanskrit, these seven Buddha are also known as Sapta-Ratna-Tathagata. In the center, there sits a white jade Sakyamuni Buddha with a relic stupa accompanied by the protective deities, Sangharama Boddhisatva (on the right) and Skanda Boddhisatva (on the left). Each Buddha and Boddhisatvas represents different attributes benefitting all sentient beings.

Below are the names of the seven Buddha including their representation.

  1. Namo Bhagavate Amrta-Rajaya Tathagataya . By worshipping this Buddha, we are able resolve our pain so that both our bodies and minds can be peaceful and carefree.
  2. Namo Bhagavate Vipula-Gatraya Tathagataya. By worshipping this Buddha, we can be free from all obstacles so as to enjoy the taste of food.
  3. Namo Bhagavate Ratna-Sikhaya Tathagataya. By worshipping this Buddha, we can get ourselves away from evil and unbearable sufferings eternally.
  4. Namo Bhagavate Prabhuta-Ratnaya Tathagataya. This Buddha signifies wealth and prosperity. Everyone should keep in mind that Dharma is the true wealth in this universe. By worshipping this Buddha, people can obtain a world treasure, understanding even more the knowledge and wisdom of Dharma to achieve endless spiritual wealth.
  5. Namo Bhagavate Su-Rupaya Tathagataya. By worshipping this Buddha, we will be blessed with a healthy body and mind, and a charismatic appearance. With purity and dignity, we will be able to develop kinship.
  6. Namo Bhagavate Vigata-Trasaya Tathagataya. This Buddha signifies confidence and fearlessness. By worshipping this Buddha, people can keep themselves away from fear and insecurity. Moreover, it enables us to remain calm and approach each day without any fears.
  7. Namo Bhagavate Amitabhaya Tathagataya. Amitabha Buddha represents infinite light and never-ending life. By worshipping this Buddha, one can obtain good health and longetivity. Chanting Amitabha Buddha’s name in this life, we will attain rebirth with ultimate bliss from the lotus of the Western Pure Land upon death. We will also become enlightened and enter the state of regression if we spend each day learning the Dharma.