About BLPS

Following the philosophy of Venerable Master Hsing Yun to use religion as guiding principles for education, Buddha’s Light Private School, Dallas was established in 1996, focusing on early education of pre-school age children of different levels. We have developed different lessons for children who teach them the virtues of morality and harmonious living. Buddha’s Light Private School offers a bilingual learning environment for children to learn both English and Chinese. This environment allows children of overseas Chinese and American families to learn about Chinese culture. We have qualified teachers with a wealth of experience in teaching both Chinese and English languages. With a creative approach, we want to develop the children’s potential by providing a pleasant and stimulating learning environment. Besides academic lessons and hands-on learning, there is also emphasis on moral standards, instilling values for life. From Monday to Friday, we have bilingual classes and after-school tutoring program. There are also Sunday Chinese classes as well as lessons on science, arts, and other subjects. Schools Motto: “Instilling the Five Virtues in children, revealing their learning potentials with qualified and caring teachers to create a brighter future.”

Omni-directional learning to children’s help

“Music education” Early childhood music should be a combination of drama and game’s artistic performance. Children in the areas of music, is happy and the mind is rich. Children ages 3 to 5 in music learning, includes “listening, investigating, communicating, development, and creation”, is a collection of art, recreation, and spiritual education. Thus, music teaching can greatly help children not only physically but also mentally. “Daily practice” By daily practice, parents can help their child not only to stay focus but also pave his/her way for his/her future studies. Moreover, a child can work independently in each crucial moment, control his/her own actions, as well as the surrounding conditions. “Daily practice” is very important for 2 to 5 years old children for their future development. “Cultural education” Activities through action and knowledge such as flora and fauna, and scientific activities, can help a child learn in a more intellectual way and in a joyful environment. Construct children on the conceptual foundations of the world as a whole, understanding the differences of various ethnic groups can help students in appreciating and accepting different cultures among people. Through the biological (plant and animal) care, children can learn kindness and know how to cherish and respect life.    “Sensory teaching” Sensory teaching provides a key for children to explore the world. Through the messages that collect from sensory organs, it enriches our sensory experiences, and develops the ability of differentiation and appreciation. The children can get more knowledge and preparation for their life in the liberal, variety and sequence environment. “The teaching of Chinese” Children’s learning of language starts from several tone and syllables to make a complete word. After they can pronounce each word, they have to make use of grammar and syntax rules to construct the whole sentence. If given the appropriate environmental motivation, children can build their own language. There will be no obstacles when they communicate with others which turn towards the confident, independent way. “Mathematics education” Through mathematical logic, clear steps, and firsthand operation, by using specific teaching material, for the connection of children’s mental and action. Not only it demonstrates concrete concept but also helps children’s mental development. Not only simply solve mathematics problems, but also using logic to solve problems from daily life. “Physical education” Through the movement of the body, children received a great deal of feeling, perception and motor stimulation, which in turn led to the normal development of their physical and mental functioning. Child care through basic training can accelerate its development of brain cells and muscle cells, in order to achieve their potential and effectiveness of the whole brain development, nurture intelligence and physical power both of high quality children.