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After retiring I used to help my daughter taking care of her children. My grandson started at a nursery close to home when he was one and half years old. During the first two weeks, I was there with him the whole time. Until he became more comfortable with the environment and was not crying anymore, I left him alone with other children. A few weeks later, problems occurred slowly. He was pushed and bitten by other children in school. He started to express his unhappiness using only a few words. As the time went by, the problem only got worse. When I drop him outside the school, he refused to get off. (The tuition fee of the nursery was very expensive, from eighteen hundred upwards. However, as the child got older, there was a little price reduction to fourteen hundred.) After about ten months, his parents began looking for a new nursery. Finally they found Fo Guang Shan nursery school. Since my grandson started at his new school in March this year, he was a much happier kid. In less than a month, no more diaper was needed. More surprisingly, he also quitted the habit of sucking pacifier after Ms. Wu had a few minutes conversation with him alone. Apart from that, the classroom and outdoor facilities was wonderful, very helpful in developing children physical and mental growth. All teachers were qualified. Many of them had more than ten years of teaching experience. More importantly, they were all patient, gentle and really cared about each child. The bilingual (English and Chinese) curriculum was carried out according to Dallas Board of Education regulations. After graduating from nursery classes, the children could attend to Fo Guang Shan after-school classes. There was school bus that picked up children from their school, which was very convenient for full time working parents. My second grandson also attended at Fo Guang Shan nursery school on his own request, when he was eighteen month old. Ms. Shen and her assistant, Ms. Linda were very patient to him. They helped him to quickly adapt to the school environment and now he is very happy to go to school every day. All in all, I think that Fo Guang Shan nursery school is best in value. (09.25.2014)



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