• It is a place for the gathering of virtuous friends
  • It is a resting place for spiritual cultivation
  • It is a refueling station on the journey of life
  • It is a peaceful ground for eradicating defilements

In September 1992, at the invitation of Dharma friends in Dallas, Master Hsing Yun established the BLIA Dallas chapter, and in 1993, purchased a three-story office building with 35,000 square feet of space in Richardson. The Master personally conducted the inauguration ceremony on September 11, 1994 which has since provided a spiritual home to Buddhist practitioners in north Texas.

Fo Guang Shan International Buddhist Progress Society (IBPS) in Dallas upholds Venerable Master Hsing Yun s ideals: To propagate Buddhist teachings through cultural activities, to nurture talents through education, to benefit societies through charitable programs, and to purify human hearts and minds through Buddhist practices. With these goals as guidelines, IBPS Dallas has strived to promote various Dharma propagation activities. Facilities established at the center include a school, dining hall, tea house, main shrine, compassion hall, memorial hall, lecture hall, and library, all of which are skillful means for benefiting people from all walks of life. In order to nurture the spiritual lives of Dallas members and to help them realize Buddhism in their daily lives, IBPS Dallas offers many programs such as meditation classes, chanting, transcription of sutras, repentance ceremonies, the taking of the three refuges and five precepts, and the eight precepts retreat. Through hearing and experiencing Buddha Dharma, members could further develop their wisdom. Through repentance services, members could cultivate merits. Through taking precepts, members’ spiritual interests can be elevated and can become a true Buddhist with the right view. The Buddhism programs offer bilingual meditation classes, Dharma lectures, sutra study classes, reading clubs, and children’s Buddhism classes. The center focuses on moral development for children and emphasizes spiritual development of adults. Besides providing Buddha Dharma classes, the center also promotes the quality of life.