Lamp Offering

Lighting a lamp means to emit light to brighten the world. When everyone lights a lamp, the glow can illuminate the whole earth and shine on all beings. Using the universal illumination of the Buddha’s light, the Light Offering will fill the world with warmth, brightness, and harmony. At IBPS Dallas, all registered names will be printed and put together in the " Yearly Lamp Offering Registered Names" booklet, and places in main shrine till end of the year.

The temple is offering two type of lamp offering: 1) for individual 2) for family or business entity. Registration Deadline: 9/30/2024. For 2024 registration, the registration is open from October, 2023. All new names will be printed in Janaury and place in main shrine again.

In addition to year round lamp offering registration, the temple also offer to inscribe a patron’s name on a plaque in our temple’s Avalokitesvara shrine for the entire year. The registration also includes three times registration on the Great Compassionate Repentance Service throughout 2024 and a gift bag. (* The gift bag has to be claimed within seven days after the The Great Compassionate Repentance Service. After seven days, the content of the gift will be handled by temple).

Online form    Download Light Offering form    Download Yearly Blessing Plaque Offering form

For more inquries, please contact 972-907-0588.